Eco-chair Lovcen


Dimensions: 69x43x78cm

Composition: recycled plastic (HDPE/PP)

Weight: 16.50 kg

Our best proof that tradition and ecology go together! 😊



✔ Does not rot

✔ Maintenance-free – no need for treatment, varnishing, sanding or painting

✔ Nothing sticks to it, including paint and chewing gum

✔ Decorative

✔ She cleaned 16.50 kg of plastic waste from our landfills

✔ Protects trees from cutting down

✔ Made in Montenegro

✔ 100% recycled plastic from Montenegro

✔ Resistant to weather conditions and insects

✔ Long-lasting (expected service life is 10+ years, after which we can recycle it again)

✔ Delivered fully assembled