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Our story begins in 2009 with the establishment of the company “Fin-ing” when we entered the then still undeveloped market of computers and IT technologies in Montenegro, with the desire to contribute to its development. We operated in the wholesale sector of computers and computer system maintenance, laying the foundations for the further development of the company.

In 2018, recognizing the dynamic nature of the technological world and fueled by a passion for innovative technologies, we decided to take a bold step. We introduced 3D printing technology to Montenegro, becoming the first in the country to do so. With this change, we gave a new business name to our company – “3D soba”. While retaining our original activities and registered name “Fin-ing”, our main focus became the development of offerings in the field of 3D printing. In this regard, we provide professional services for 3D modeling and printing, offering a wide range of the latest 3D printer models, various types of filaments, and other 3D printing equipment. We are representatives of one of the world’s most renowned 3D printer brands, “Creality”, as well as a reputable Slovenian filament manufacturer for 3D printing, “Azurefilm”.

Simultaneously, we entered the world of wood processing and other materials using CNC machines, enabling us to create a wide range of products. Here, we especially highlight our brand “Chessart”, which produces luxury wooden chess sets with motifs of Montenegro, and the brand “Montitoys”, which manufactures natural wood toys for children.

In 2020, driven by a passion for environmental preservation, we began developing green projects. Our current projects, “PETko” and “Eco-board”, are innovative and reflect our commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions. “PETko” transforms plastic bottles into filaments for 3D printers, while “Eco-board” uses plastic waste to create various products such as benches, tables, chairs, waste bins, and flowerpots.

Our mission is to preserve the primacy in the field of 3D printing, continuously monitoring the latest trends and technologies. We are developing the “Chessart” brand, which produces luxury chess sets with national motifs of Montenegro, promoting our cultural heritage and enriching the offer of authentic souvenirs and products from our country, as well as the “Montitoys” brand, which manufactures wooden toys for children. Additionally, we actively work on improving and expanding our environmental projects “PETko” and “Eco-board” to make a significant impact on environmental preservation.

Our vision is to be the leading innovators in the field of technology and ecology in Montenegro and the region. We aspire to be synonymous with excellent 3D printing and exceptional wood products such as luxury wooden chess sets “Chessart” and wooden toys for children “Montitoys”. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, we want to be synonymous with a company that has conceived and carried out the most effective environmental projects in the country and the region.

Thank you for visiting our website, purchasing one of our products/services, and/or sharing information about what we do with your family or friends. You have made a significant contribution to the success of this story called “3D soba”, which is not just the story of us, the employees, and owners of this wonderful company but of all of us together, the entire social community, whose well-being the development of such projects most contributes to, giving us all a sense that we are on the right path and doing the right things.

Welcome to your 3D soba, thank you for your support!

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